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  1. 2 lbs. Beef Chunks, fresh

  2. 1 whole white onion, chopped

  3. 3 carrots, chopped in

  4. 1/2 inch pieces 5 russet potatoes, peeled & chopped in eighths

  5. 2 Cups water

  6. 2 Packets brown gravy mix

  7. 1 tablespoon salt

  8. 2 tablespoon ground black pepper

  9. 2 tablespoon garlic salt

  10. 1 tablespoon ground rosemary

  11. 2 tablespoon seasoning salt

  12. 1 tablespoon butter or margarine

  13. 2 canisters instant buttermilk biscuits

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  1. Preparation : Chop Beef chunks into 1 inch cubes. Place in crockpot. Add chopped onion and margarine. Add water. Simmer on low. When meat begins to turn brown, add seasonings and 1 packet of gravy mix. When meat is completley cooked, add potatoes and carrots. Add additional water to cover all ingredients, and second gravy packet. Simmer on high until potatoes are tender. As stew cooks, liquid will thicken. When stew is finished, bake biscuits @ 400 degrees until brown. Place two biscuits on bottom of deep soup bowl. Ladle stew over biscuits and serve. Bon Apetit!


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