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  1. 0 fat

  2. 0 cholestorol

  3. 40 mg sodium

  4. 7 g carbs

  5. 1 g fiber

  6. 0 sugars

  7. Both are fairly large but airy 'crackers'. 2 should be more than sufficient as a serving.

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  12. Oh, I am close to tears rightnow--I CAN EAT POPCORN ON P2!!! It is one of my favouritest foods, and I don't even have butter on it. I've been missing it a lot.

  13. One question though--the guide (book) that I have has different categories for how much of a food you are allowed. V (very limited), L (limited), A (avoid), a (I'm not clear on this one) and G (good-eat all you want).

  14. Is there a similar restriction on popcorn?

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