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  1. 1 Egg (see note)

  2. 1 tb Vinegar

  3. 1 c Salad oil

  4. 1/3c Sour cream

  5. 2 tb Japanese soy sauce

  6. 2 tb Mirin or dry sherry

  7. 1/3c Beef broth

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  1. + Directions : Combine egg, vinegar and 1/4 cup of the oil in a blender. Process until creamy. Slowly add remaining oil at high speed until mixture resembles mayonnaise. Transfer to a bowl and add sour cream, soy sauce, main and broth. Place sauce in small individual dishes for each diner. Editor's note: According to studies, uncooked eggs may not be safe since, in rare instances, they may carry salmonella. If you are reluctant to eat raw egg, an egg substitute such as Egg Beaters may be used. PER SERVING: 370 calories, 2 g protein, 1 g carbohydrate, 40 g fat (7 g saturated), 41 mg cholesterol, 361 mg sodium, 0 g fiber.


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