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  1. 3-4 3 stalks

  2. 45 ml 1-2 2 cloves

  3. 5 ml 10 ml 300 g 30 ml 45 ml 1 bunch 1/4 teaspoon Lemon grass, finely chopped Soy sauce Red Serrano chilies, seeded and finely chopped Garlic, crushed Ground turmeric Sugar Tofu, rinsed, drained, patter dry and cut into bite size cubes Groundnut (peanut) oil Roasted peanuts, chopped Fresh basil, stalks removed Salt

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  1. : In a bowl, mix together the lemon grass, soy sauce, chilies, garlic, turmeric and sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Add a little salt to taste and add the tofu, making sure it is well coated. Leave to marinade for 1 hour. Heat a wok or heavy pan. Pour in the oil, and stir in the marinated tofu, turning it frequently to make sure it is evenly cooked. Add the peanuts and most of the basil leaves. Tip the tofu on to a serving dish, scatter the remaining basil leaves over the top and serve hot or at room temperature.


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