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  1. 3lbs fresh shrimp , shelled, tails on or off

  2. 4T butter (or 2T butter and 2T olive oil )

  3. 3 cloves garlic , minced

  4. 2 small-medium limes (you'll want about 3T juice ..ify our limes don't yield enough, just add a lil zest at the end)

  5. 1/2-2t cayenne (to taste...we use 2ish)

  6. 1t Mexican oregano

  7. 1t smoked paprika (if not available, use 1/2t sweet paprika and 1t chili powder )

  8. 2-3T fresh cilantro , chopped

  9. 3 green onions , sliced kosher or sea salt and fresh ground black pepper (don't be stingy with these!)

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  1. How to make it Add garlic and butter to large skillet or saute pan(I use cast iron) over medium heat until just melted. Combine all dry spices in small bowl and set aside. Add shrimp to melted butter/garlic and toss quickly to coat. Immediately drizzle with lime juice and toss again. Add dry spices and toss, again. You should be about halfway through cooking, already, by now, so just continue to cook and toss until all shrimp are pink on both sides and just starting to curl. Add cilantro and green onion(and zest, if you are using) and toss once more. Serve immediately.


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