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  1. Rhubarb Wine

  2. For about 4 gallons of finished wine, use the following quantities:

  3. 20 pounds of rhubarb stalks

  4. 12 pounds of sugar

  5. 3 1/2 gallons of water

  6. Bakers yeast or wine yeast starter

  7. Lay the rhubarb stalks on a working table and start in the middle

  8. of each stalk and crush it. Put the crushed rhubarb in a large

  9. polyethylene pail, tub or pottery crock. Add 1 1/2 gallons of boiled

  10. water that has been cooled down. Dissolve four grains of sodium

  11. metabisulphite for every gallon of "must" in a cup of warm water

  12. and stir it in well with the "must". Put on a cover or cover with

  13. a sheet of polyethylene with a ball of cotton on one edge and tie

  14. it down with a cotton cord. Leave for five days. Then remove the

  15. pulp and place it in a clean cloth and wring it out. Put the liquid

  16. in a large polyethylene jug or glass bottle. Test the wine liquid

  17. or "must" with your saccharometer to ascertain the amount of sugar

  18. you need for the alcohol content that you want. Include the water

  19. to be added with the sugar. Dissolve half of the sugar in a gallon

  20. of water and boil about two minutes. Cool to lukewarm and add. Put

  21. on a fermentation lock and leave ferment for about ten days. Dissolve

  22. the other half of the sugar in a gallon of water and boil for about two minutes. Cool to lukewarm and add to the "must". Leave ferment

  23. until fermentation stops. Siphon or "rack" into another sterilized

  24. jug leaving as much sediment behind as possible. Be sure that the

  25. jug is filled right up to the top with no air in the jug. Fit a

  26. fermentation lock and leave until "polished" or clear. Then siphon

  27. into bottles or jugs and cap.


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