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  1. for Roast Spareribs Recipe

  2. Pork spareribs

  3. Salt and pepper

  4. Flour

  5. Bread crumbs

  6. Powdered sage (may be omitted)

  7. Minced onion

  8. Butter, fat or cooking oil

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  1. Trim the ends of the ribs neatly, crack them across the middle, and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

  2. Cover the meat with greased paper and leave this paper on until the meat is half done; then remove the paper and dredge the meat with flour.

  3. In ten minutes, baste with butter, fat or cooking oil, and afterward baste every fifteen minutes with the gravy.

  4. This is a necessity, as this meat is very dry.

  5. Just before taking the pork from the oven, strew its surface with bread crumbs mixed with the seasonings.

  6. Cook five minutes, and baste once more.

  7. Make the gravy as directed for roast leg of pork, strain and pour it over the meat, or serve in a gravy dish.


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