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  1. 20g dried black mushrooms

  2. 640g winter bamboo shoots

  3. Seasonings:

  4. Over 1/2 bowl vegetable fine stock

  5. A dash each of salt and MSG

  6. 1 tbsp starch solution

  7. 1 tbsp sesame oil

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  1. Soak the black mushrooms until soft and remove stalks; shell and skin the winter bamboo shoot, cut old head off it, boil the cleaned skinned bamboo shoot with cold water until cooked and slice it.

  2. Heating oil in the pot, fry bamboo shoot slices for a while, put vegetable fine stock, black mushrooms and salt in, boil them for about one minute, add MSG, stir starch solution in, shake the pot to turn the contents over a few time, sprinkle sesame oil in and serve them in a plate.


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