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  1. 4 Trout; butterflied

  2. 12 Figs; (never used them)

  3. 1 c Sherry; dry(not cooking)

  4. 3 tb Vinegar; (sherry or mild)

  5. 1 tb Maple syrup; or honey

  6. 1 tb Dijon Salt & pepper; to taste

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  1. + Directions : Put 1st three ingredients in a non-reactive pan. Simmer for about 10 minutes. I skipped this step as I didn't use figs. I just simmered and then wisked in the honey and mustard. Reduce by half. Brush on butterflied trout and broil. We've done it on the grill too. Don't cook it to long. I f you use the figs, take them out after you steep them for about a half hour. Put them back in AFTER the reduction, enjoy, This is from TIME-LIFE, HEALTHY HOME COOKING, Fresh Ways With Fish and Shellfish. We first used it on trout and it is super and easy, and as a bonus, low in calories.


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