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  1. 8 to 10 medium apples (sweet or tart, as desired), at room temperature

  2. 2 cups granulated sugar

  3. 3/4 cup water

  4. 1/2 cup light corn syrup

  5. 1/2 teaspoon red food coloring Few drops flavored oil (cinnamon, clove, etc.), if desired Wooden skewers

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  1. Generously grease a baking sheet; set aside. Wash and dry apples thoroughly. Insert wooden skewer in stem end of each apple. Mix sugar, water, corn syrup in a 2 quart heavy saucepan. Heat to boiling over high heat; reduce heat. Boil gently, without stirring, to 290 °F (145 °C) on candy thermometer or until a small amount of mixture dropped into very cold water separates into threads that are hard but not brittle. Remove from heat and stir in red food coloring and flavored oil. Quickly dip apples into syrup, twirling until completely coated. Place on prepared baking sheet to cool.


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