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  1. 1 live grass carp,

  2. Seasoning:

  3. Adequate amount of chopped garlic

  4. 20g Shaoxing wine

  5. 60g soy sauce

  6. 40g each of sugar, vinegar and starch solution

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  1. Scale the grass carp, remove gills, paunch it and wash it clean. Then put it on the chopping board with its back facing outward and its belly inward, insert the knife with one hand from the tail by pressing its head with the other hand and slice it levelly along the back bone to below the chin in two, taking care not to damage the skin.

  2. Bringing plenty of water to badly boil over high heat, put one piece (linked with the back bone) in and then put the other piece in without covering the pot; when the water comes again to boil, take the fish out carefully. The fish will be cooked only by boiling it for a total of 3 minutes.

  3. Leaving 1 cup of soup in the pot (pouring the other things out), put soy sauce, wine and chopped ginger in, scoop the fish out, bring the two slices of the fish together with its skin facing upward and lay it in a plate. Then mix sugar, chopped ginger, starch solution and vinegar well, add the mixture into the original soup to make serving sauce, stir it until thick and pour it over the fish body for serving.


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