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  1. 1 8oz package cream cheese

  2. 1 package Wonton wraps powdered sugar to taste

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  1. How to make it Pre heat deep fryer to 375* . Soften cream cheese to almost room temp so it mixes easier . Add powdered sugar (I usually use about 2 Tbsp) and mix until creamy . Lay out the Wonton wrappers (best to lay out the amount you want to cook) have a small cup of water to dip your fingers into . Place a dollop of cream cheese mixture onto center of all the Wonton wrappers. Dampen your fingers with water and run along all edges of the wrapper ( only dampen 1 or 2 wraps at a time) fold them up pressing edges together to seal (should look like a little draw string purse). Drop several at a time into deep fryer and cook for maybe 2 minutes just until light golden brown! DO NOT OVER COOK AS THE CREAM CHEESE WILL COOK OUT.


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