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  1. 6 Wooden skewers or ice-cream

  2. 6 medium Apples

  3. 2 tablespoons Water

  4. 1 package (14 ounces) vanilla -- Caramels

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  1. Preparation : The classic caramel apple is made with a sweet eating apple such as. Insert skewer in stem end of each apple. Heat water and caramels over low heat, stirring occasionally, until caramels are melted and mixture is smooth. Keep mixture over very low heat. Dip each apple into caramel mixture, spooning mixture over apple until completely coated. Place on waxed paper. Refrigerate until coating is firm. To Microwave: Prepare apples as directed. Place water and caramels in 4-quart microwavable measure. Microwave uncovered on high 3 to 4 minutes, stirring after 2 minutes, until caramels can be stirred smooth. Continue as directed. (If mixture thickens, microwave on high about 30 seconds.)


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