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  1. 2 lb Peaches or nectarines, Peeled, pitted and sliced

  2. 2 tb Firmly packed Light brown sugar

  3. 8 Gingersnap cookies

  4. 2 tb Chopped walnuts

  5. 2 ts Vegetable oil

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  1. + Directions : Tender cooked summer peaches lie beneath a dark, chewy mantle of crushed gingersnap cookies and chopped walnuts. Sample the peaches while making this dish; if they're not perfectly sweet, add an extra tablespoon of brown sugar. Makes 4 servings 1. In 1-quart microwave-safe dish, combine peaches and brown sugar; set aside. Place gingersnap cookies in clear plastic bag and seal. With rolling pin, crush gingersnaps to make crumbs. (We do this by hand and not in a food processor to ensure that we get crumbs and not large chunks amid fine dust. ) Add walnuts and oil to gingersnap crumbs in bag, rubbing mixture to blend.

  2. Sprinkle gingersnap mixture; cover and microwave on high (100 percent) 2 minutes longer. (If microwave does not have carousel, rotate dish after the first 3 minutes. ) Cool crisp 20 to 25 minutes before serving. Nutritional information per serving using 2 tablespoons sugar - protein: 2 grams; fat: 5 grams; carbohydrate: 43 grams; fiber: 4 grams; sodium: 83 milligrams; cholesterol: 0 milligram; calories: 195


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