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  1. Recipe Instructions Many fish are excellent for grilling. Whole fish, fish steaks and even fillets can be grilled successfully with a little care. When grilling in the range remember to follow the manufactures directions. Always oil the grill pan or lay a sheet of foil over it. Grill fish 3-4-inches from heat. Whole fish and fish steaks should be turned once during cooking. Do not turn fillets. Brush fish well with melted margarine or oil; fillets need more lubrication than whole fish or steaks. Grill fillets 5-10 minutes, depending on thickness. Steaks will take from 6-12 minutes and whole fish 10-12 minutes, depending on size. Do Not overcook. Fish is done when flakes easily when tested with a fork. To charcoal grill: Place fish in a greased hinged grill as it will be easier to turn. Make sure coals are white hot. Turn fish once or twice during cooking. A whole fish will take about 8 minutes each side, while fish fillets take only 1 1/2 -2 minutes per side. Serve grilled fish plain with lemon, or lemon butter, parsley butter or your favorite herb butter.


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