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  1. Strussel for the muffins

  2. **6 eaches Sugar

  3. 3 eaches Shortening

  4. Cream together

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  1. FROM:RONDA EIKENBERRY Add to above++½ pint whole eggs, ½ ounce almond extract & 6½ # all purpose flour mix together with a paddle mixer attachment. You might have to consence the recipies down more. Pumpkin Muffins.

  2. eggs 19 c sugar mix together 6 c oil 13 c canned pumpkin 24 c all purpose flour add to abouve & mix well 2 Tblsp salt If you mix too much you will cause 3 Tblsp + 2 tsp baking soda : tunnelling (holes) in the muffins. ¾ Tblsp cinnamon 2 Tblsp each ground nutmeg & ground cloves 2 tsp ground allspice * QMPro 1.0 90-8356 * New Jersey, The Garden State ++- WILDMAIL!/WC v4.11 * Origin: The Magic Dominion 1:107/614 n.j.

  3. 8-583-7894 28⅘ (1:107/614.0) From: Pat Stockett Date: 04-15-95 Subject: Part Two CR == == == Potato Filling 2 pounds potatoes (6 medium) ½ pound butter Salt and Pepper to taste 1 minced onion (optional) Cook potatoes till tender, drain well. Add butter, salt and pepper, onion and mash. When mixture is cool it is ready to use. Note: You may wish to combine cheese, or sauerkraut with potatoes; if so, it is best to combine ⅔ mashed potatoes to ⅓ other ingredients. Sauerkraut 2 pound sauerkraut 1 large onion (thinly sliced) Sugar to taste Salt and pepper to taste ½ pound diced bacon (optional) or ½ pound diced salt pork (optional) or ½ pound butter (optional) Fresh shredded cabbage (optional) Diced mushrooms (optional) Rinse sauerkraut and drain well. Saute sauerkraut along with the onions in butter, bacon or salt pork for approximately 20 minutes on low heat, in a covered pan, stirring from time to time. Add salt, pepper, sugar (mushrooms if desired). Cool. * It doesn't say what to do with the shredded cabbage. Meat Filling 1-½ pounds ground beef or ground beef and pork 2 large onions (finely chopped) ½ pound butter, divided Salt and Pepper to taste 1 cup chopped mushrooms (optional) 4 tbsp. sour cream (optional) Saute meat in ⅓ of butter till almost fully cooked. (Meat should not be overcooked.) Drain. Use balance of butter and saute onion till crystal clear. Add meat, seasonings and optional ingredients to taste. Let mixture cool. Note from me: A friend of mine had given me a recipe once for potato filling that called for mashed potatoes, onions sauteed until beginning to lightly brown and American cheese. I usually just add cheese until the mixture tastes good. But since it is a lot of work to roll out the dough one day I decided to cook some wide egg noodles, toss them in butter in a pan until they browned a little and mix with the filling.

  4. I put it all in a casserole and heated it in the oven. It's not authentic, but it is easy.

  5. Submitted By PAT STOCKETT On 04-15-95


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