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  1. Ingredient Name Unit Quantity

  2. cardamom pdr

  3. pinch 1 cheese

  4. tbsp 2 chicken breast

  5. lbs 1 coriander leaves

  6. springs

  7. 1 corn flour

  8. tbsp 1 cream

  9. tbsp 1 curd thick

  10. tbsp 1 ginger garlic paste

  11. tsp 1 gr chilli

  12. number

  13. 1 meat tenderizer ,or raw papaya paste

  14. tsp 1/4 oil

  15. tbsp 1 pepper pdr

  16. pinch 1 salt

  17. pinch 1

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  1. cut chicken breast to bite size pieces and dry them with paper towel and marinate with pepper pdr , tenderizer and sqeezed ginger garlic paste and keep in fridge for 30 min before adding to other marination

  2. second step is to make marination by making paste of mozzarella cheese or using mascapone cheese , add curd ( thick ) or sour cream , cream corn flour ,chilli and coriander paste,salt ,oil,cardamom pdr and mix well

  3. marinate the chicken with this marination and put in the fridge for another hr

  4. put on to skewer and put in the hottest possible setting on your oven ,if possibe on broil modr and cook for 10 min on each side till you see fine color on the kabab

  5. serve hot with sprinkled chat masala and lime juice


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