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  1. Creme Caramela (Sudanese Caramel Custard)

  2. 8 eggs

  3. 1 quart milk

  4. 1 oz. butter, melted

  5. 1 Tbsp vanilla (or banana extract if available)

  6. maraschino or candied cherries

  7. 2-quart bowl beat

  8. 8 eggs with

  9. 1 quart milk and 1/2 cup sugar

  10. 1 oz. melted butter and 1 tbs. vanilla

  11. (or banana extract if available).

  12. 1-quart (6-cup) star-shaped aluminum cake pan melt

  13. 1/2 cup

  14. sugar and burn to caramel stage. Rotate the pan to spread caramel

  15. all around the sides. Beat the egg mixture again. Pour it quickly

  16. into the cake pan. Cover the pan with aluminum foil which has been

  17. well buttered on the under side. Place the pan in a larger pan

  18. half filled with water (as you would do a custard). Bake at 350 F

  19. 30 minutes. Remove cover and test with a silver knife

  20. comes out clean, custard is done). Chill until thoroughly cold.

  21. 10 to 12-inch platter. Garnish with

  22. maraschino or candied cherries on top and sides.

  23. Yield: 1-quart mold


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