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  1. 5 lb/

  2. 2 kg apples

  3. 12 whole cloves

  4. 4 pt/

  5. 2 lr/

  6. 8 cups water

  7. 4 lb/2 kg/

  8. 2, 225Â F,

  9. 110Â C. Next day strain through a jelly bag or a clean, white pillow case - do not squeeze! Measure the liquid into a large saucepan and for every cupful add a cupful of sugar. Heat to dissolve the sugar and bring to the boil for about 10 minutes or until a little of the mixture gels on a cold saucer. Be careful here, as over-boiling will produce a syrup which will just get thicker without setting. Pour into jars which have been warmed in the oven and cover with waxed discs and lids.


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