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  1. 0.8 lb chestnut flour

  2. 3 glasses water

  3. 0.1 lb pinole (pine nuts)

  4. 0.1 lb raisins a stalk of rosemary

  5. 6 tablespoons olive oil a pinch of salt

  6. 2 tablespoons sugar

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  1. Recipe for Castagnaccio Mix flour with water, salt, sugar and 4 tablespoons oil, the mixture should be smooth without lumps. Leave it stand for half hour. Put raisins in water for half hour. Pour 2 spoonfuls oil into a form and spread over the bottom, sprinkle half raisins and rosemary needles and pour the dough in. Sprinkle some more raisins, rosemary and nuts all over the top. Bake at 356 degrees for one hour.


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