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  1. 2 eggs

  2. 1 cups plain flour or 210 g 1 teaspoon baking powder cup vegetable oil or 125 ml 3 tablespoons cocoa powder

  3. 1 tin NESTLÉ® Sweetened Condensed Milk or 397 g 1 teaspoons vanilla essence

  4. 150 g, melted 1 tin NESTLÉ® Cream or 170 g 4 tablespoons water

  5. 1 cup dark chocolate or 150 g, grated for garnishing

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  1. Preparation In a mixing bowl, combine eggs, flour, baking powder, oil, cocoa powder, NESTLÉ® Sweetened Condensed Milk and vanilla and beat using an electric beater. Beat on low speed for 2 minutes, then on medium speed for another 2 minutes or until mixture becomes smooth. Pour mixture into a 30cm x 11cm greased baking loaf tin and bake in 170°C preheated oven for 45-50 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean. Set aside to cool at room temperature. Crumb the cooled cake and place in an electric beater with the melted chocolate, NESTLÉ® Cream and water. Beat well until mixture forms a soft dough (add more water if needed). Divide mixture into small balls and roll over the grated chocolate then serve.


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