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  1. 1 3/4 cup all-purpose flour, divided

  2. 1 package (2 1/4 teasppon) dry yeast

  3. 1 cup fat-free milk

  4. 2 tablespoons honey

  5. 1 tablespoon butter or margarine

  6. 2 teaspoons fennel seeds, crushed

  7. 1/2 teaspoon instant minced onion

  8. 1/2 teaspoon salt

  9. 1/4 teaspoon coarse ground pepper

  10. 1 egg

  11. 2 cups Kellogg's All-Bran Complete Wheat Flakes cereal

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  1. In large mixing bowl combine 1 1/4 cups of the flour and yeast. In small saucepan stir together milk, honey, butter, fennel, onion, salt and pepper. Cook and stir over medium heat until just warm (120F to 130F). Add milk mixture and egg to flour mixture. Beat on low speed of electric mixer until just combined. Increase speed to high. Beat for 3 minutes.

  2. Stir in remaining 1/2 cup flour and cereal. (Batter will be sticky.) Cover and let rest for 10 minutes.

  3. Portion batter evenly into twelve 2 1/2-inch muffin-pan cups coated with cooking spray. Loosely cover and let rise in warm place for 20 minutes.

  4. Bake at 350F about 18 minutes or until golden brown. Remove to wire rack. Serve warm.


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