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  1. Melya

  2. Espresso

  3. Honey

  4. Unsweetened cocoa

  5. Brew espresso; for this purpose, a Bialetti-style stovetop will

  6. work. In a coffee mug, place 1 teaspoon of unsweetened powdered

  7. cocoa; then cover a teaspoon with honey and drizzle it into the

  8. cup. Stir while the coffee brews; this is the fun part. The cocoa

  9. seems to coat the honey without mixing, so you get a dusty, sticky

  10. mass that looks as though it will never mix. Then all at once,

  11. presto! It looks like dark chocolate sauce. Pour hot espresso

  12. over the honey, stirring to dissolve. Serve with cream .

  13. I have never served this cold but I imagine it would be interesting;

  14. I use it as a great hot drink for cold days, though, so all my

  15. memories are of grey skies, heavy sweaters, damp feet and big

  16. smiles.


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