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  1. 1 half gallon BLUE BUNNY® Premium Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

  2. French burnt peanuts, Boston baked beans

  3. Toffee covered peanuts, for chimney stones

  4. Graham crackers, for roof

  5. Red shoestring licorice, for windows

  6. 1 plain chocolate candy bar, for shutters

  7. 1 chocolate covered graham cracker, for door Blue crystal sugar, for sky

  8. Assorted candies

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  1. Remove lid from ice cream. Using an electric knife or a long sharp knife, cut the ice cream in half vertically through the paperboard container. Place one piece, cut side down on serving platter. Remove paperboard.

  2. Cut a 2 inch wide slice off remaining ice cream, cut again to make a 1-1/2 inch wide rectangle. Place rectangle against the side of the ice cream house to form the chimney. Press peanut candies into the chimney for stones. Press graham crackers onto top and upper edges of ice cream for roof shingles.

  3. Cut the licorice into pieces for the windows and door, cut candy bar into pieces for the window shutters; press onto ice cream. Place chocolate covered graham cracker inside door frame. Decorate with remaining candies. Freeze for several hours or overnight. Lightly grease remaining areas of serving platter; sprinkle with blue sugar for sky.


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