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  1. 1 lg onion quartered and sliced

  2. 3 tblsp minced garlic

  3. 8 cups of vegetable stock

  4. 8 tblsp extra virgin olive oil

  5. 2 stalks celery sliced

  6. 2 carrots cut into 2" slivers

  7. 1/2 leafy green cabbage cut into slivers

  8. 1 bunch of kale cut into slivers and 2 hands of baby spinach

  9. 1 tlbsp sweet basil

  10. 1 tsp oregano

  11. 1 lg chipotle pepper in adobo sauce (well minced)

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  1. Start with 2 tblsp olive oil in a large pot over medium heat, heat the oil until you start to smell it working; through in the prepared cabbage. Allow the sugars to start to brown before turning cabbage, repeat until cabbage colors have change to lighten with browned edges. Set cabbage in a bowl to rest while the rest of mixture is readied. In the same pot start the rest of the olive oil with the onions, allow onions to become lightly caramelized. Move onions to one side to allow a hot spot to develop in the pot, toss in the celery slices allowing a few moments to pass before combining the mix. Start a new hot spot as before, if oil is running low add 2 more tblsp olive oil; add prepared carrots allow them to warm all over before adding carrots to mix. Make another hot spot, this time in the middle of the pot, add remaining olive oil; when oil is hot add peppers then the garlic, once the garlic has started to color add remaining spices rubbing them in your hands to start the oils to release. Stir the peppers garlic and spices together insuring spices are well oiled. Add preheated vegetable stock to pot slowly insuring that stock blends with total mix and brought to boil each time stock is added. Once all of the stock has been added add cabbage to pot, when boiling continues add kale; make sure all of the kale has been introduced to the watery mix. Cover pot and set pot to a quick simmer for about 3 minutes. Add the spinach slowly while you are stirring spinach in to incorporate it though out the total mix. Cover pot and remove from heat. Serve into bowls while hot.

  2. With Poached Eggs 1 tlbsp vinegar ( I prefer apple vinegar, but even white will do.)

  3. One thing I like to do is have this for breakfast, but I will poach some eggs in it before I serve it in bowls. I start by getting a serving size in a small skillet bring it to boil, and add 1 tlbsp of vinegar. Make a nesting place for an egg to rest in the mix by holding a large spoon in the mix and adding the egg in the spoon. Slowly withdraw the spoon. Continue until all the eggs you want to add have been added. Cover skillet reduce heat to a low simmer until eggs are prepared the way you like them, I like a 3 minute egg myself. Serve soup and enjoy.

  4. Skillet size should be determined by the amount of eggs and serving you wish to serve.


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