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  1. Cook´s , i almost called this recipe vogued duck ´cause when i toted him out to the patio to take

  2. a Picture , for this cookbook, he pretty-much, squatted and posed for me!

  3. Roast Duck Never Tasted So Good As It Does With My Combination of Spices & Soy Sauce Blend!

  4. Plus , an accompaniment of my sweet, whole-cherry sauce, spiked with white pepper and loaded with chives, absolutely completes this delicate, game dish!

  5. It´s Just a Little , something ¨different¨ than, ye ol´, ¨cranberry sauce!¨

  6. Yum!

  7. Plan a Sunday , family affair like this one with your own, family, soon!

  8. Side Craft:

  9. Look , for my little, ¨voguey-bones

  10. Chef Hats¨ Craft , used on chop and leg bones) at the end of this recipe!

  11. They´re a Bright Way To Dress Up Your Entres , just before plating! ºº

  12. 1 , 6 pound-whole duck

  13. For The ¨duck Baste¨:

  14. ºº1 Cup-unsalted Butter , melted

  15. ºº1 Cup-soy Sauce

  16. ºº1 Tblsp.-worchestishire Sauce

  17. ºº1 Tsp.-mustard Powder

  18. ºº1 Tblsp.-white Pepper , ground

  19. For The ¨cherry-chive Sauce¨:

  20. ºº1 Can-whole Cherry Pie Filling

  21. ºº1/4 Cup-fresh Chives , chopped

  22. ºº1 Tsp.-white Pepper , ground

  23. ºº1 Tblsp.-lemon Juice ºº

  24. ººstuffing , cook´s preference

  25. (i Use Six Ounces of Stuffing , for this entre

  26. 6 To 8-long Green Onions , for garnish

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  2. ººPREHEAT OVEN to 325 degrees for a two and a half-hour ROASTING PERIOD.

  3. ººWASH and drain duck (taking CARE to REMOVE any, distributor-stuffed INSIDES, such as, neck, giblet bag, etc.)

  4. ººGREASE a large, roasting pan and fill roaster bottom with two cups water (to prevent messy cleanup after roasting, and to SAVE-OUT duck fat drippings for gravy, etc.)

  5. ººROOST duck (going in from bottom, widest opening of bird) onto UPRIGHT, roasting rack, and PLACE racked, duck in center of roaster (no lid will be used for roasting--duck will NOT be covered during entire roast period.)

  6. ººIn a medium, mixing bowl, COMBINE basting ingredients and STIR WELL.

  7. ººCUT slits down front and back, center portions of fatty, duck SKIN (ALLOWING for duck fat to drain well, and for baste to penetrate meat well.)

  8. ººBASTE entire duck with butter and soy baste.

  9. COOK´S NOTE: BASTE duck THROUGHOUT entire roasting period at 20-minutes intervals.


  11. ººIn a medium, mixing bowl, COMBINE sauce ingredients and STIR WELL. CHILL sauce before serving WHILE ROASTING:

  12. ººPREPARE STUFFING during last roasting minutes of entré preparation, and at last, 20 minutes of roasting.


  14. ººCLEAN green onions and grasp onions in a bunch and run onion bunch down into center cavity of duck WHILE ROASTING (to tenderize onions BEFORE serving.)

  15. ººAT end of roasting, REMOVE duck roast from oven and PLATE roast (leaving roast ON UPRIGHT RACK for carving) onto a large, presentation platter. And load outter portion of platter with hot PIPING-HOT stuffing and load, chilled, Cherry-Chive Sauce into center (beneath duck roast) on platter, and...

  16. SERVE! ºº

  17. SIDE BITE: COMPLETE this entré with some cobbed corn, salad and bread and ENJOY this, ¨LONG LOST FAVORITE!¨ ºº

  18. VOGUE your entré! -- ¨VOGUEY-BONES CHEF HATS¨:

  19. ººSIMPLY make a 3¨x 3¨ sqaure piece of white paper.

  20. ººROLL the paper into a 3/4¨ diameter and staple one end (using only one staple.)

  21. ººTrim 1/4¨ strips completely around unstapled end of paper roll.

  22. ººSlide stapled end of roll down and onto exposed chop or leg bone of meat entré BEFORE serving, and remove BEFORE carving your entré!


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