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  1. 2 tablespoons 30ml Minced onion

  2. 1 tablespoon 15ml Finely-minced peeled fresh ginger

  3. 1/2 teaspoon 2 1/2ml Finely-minced garlic

  4. 2 tablespoons 30ml Olive oil

  5. 1/2 cup 118ml Fresh orange juice

  6. 1/4 cup 59ml Molasses

  7. 2 tablespoons 30ml Ketchup

  8. 1 tablespoon 15ml Pure maple syrup

  9. 1 tablespoon 15ml Honey

  10. 1 tablespoon 15ml Grated orange zest Salt - to taste Freshly-ground black pepper - to taste

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  1. Recipe Instructions In a small, heavy saucepan, wilt the onion, ginger and garlic in olive oil over low heat for about 5 to 7 minutes, stirring once or twice. Add the remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil and cook for 3 to 5 minutes, stirring. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for 10 minutes to thicken sauce, stirring occasionally. Strain and finely mince the onion, ginger and garlic; return to the sauce. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Refrigerate, covered, until needed. This recipe yields ?? servings.


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