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  1. Ingredient Name Unit Quantity

  2. Basmati rice(soaked)

  3. cup 2 biryani masala

  4. cup 1/3 Dough(wheat/puff pastry)

  5. 0 Fried onions

  6. cup 1/2 ginger galic paste

  7. tbsp 1 mint leaves

  8. 0 mixed vegetables

  9. bag 1 Oil

  10. to fry

  11. Salt

  12. to taste Soya nuggets/Nutrela

  13. bag 1 yoghurt

  14. cup 1

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  1. Boil soya nuggets in water till they puff up well.Strain the leftover water & keep them aside.

  2. In a pan put little oil & add all the vegetables to it along with mint leaves & coriander leaves.Add fried onions,gingergarlic paste ,biryani masala,yoghurt & salt to taste.Cook the vegetables (add water if required).

  3. When the vegetables are half cooked add the nuggets & cook it wth vegetables.

  4. On the other stove top,prepare white rice with cumin seeds & salt.Cook till rice is 70% cooked.

  5. Layer this partially cooked rice on the vegetables & add saffron color & fried onions to it.Cook all of them together.

  6. For the parda,take the dough & roll it out in the shape of the bowl to be served in.

  7. Once biryani is prepared transfer it to the serving bowl & cover it with the parda/dough layer.

  8. Place the oven in broil mode to the maximum temp & rest the biryani bowl in it.

  9. Keep it till the layer of dough puffs a little & get brown spots similar to that on a roti/chappati.

  10. . Serve it with raita.


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