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  1. 2 cups boiling water

  2. 2 cups rolled oats

  3. 1 Tbsp butter , oil or margarine

  4. 1 pkg dry yeast (1 Tbsp)

  5. 1/2 cup lukewarm water

  6. 1/2 cup brown sugar

  7. 4 cups unbleached white flour

  8. 1 - 1 1/2 tsp Salt

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  1. In a large bowl, pour the boiling water over the oats and butter and stir until the butter has melted. Set aside to cool.

  2. Dissolve the yeast in the lukewarm water. Then stir the dissolved yeast into the cooled oat mixture. Add the brown sugar and 1 cup of the flour. Beat 100 strokes. Cover the bowl with a damp cloth and set it aside to rise in a warm place until the mixture bubbles, about 45 minutes. This batter is called a “sponge.”

  3. Stir in the salt and the remaining 3 cups of flour and mix well. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured board and knead until it is elastic. This dough is sticky, so be patient. Oil your hands if necessary and try not to add much extra flour.

  4. Oil the bowl. Return the dough to the bowl, and turn it over to coat it with oil. Cover the bowl with the damp cloth and set it aside in a warm place until the dough has doubled in size, 45 minutes to an hour.

  5. Punch down the dough, turn it onto a lightly oiled board, and cut it in half. Form two loaves and place them in oiled one-pound loaf pans. Cover them and let them rise again in a warm place until doubled in size.

  6. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. When the loaves have risen, bake them for about 40 minutes or until golden. Turn the loaves out of their pans. They should sound hollow when tapped on the bottom. Cool them on a wire rack. Brush the tops of the loaves with butter if desired.


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