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  1. **for Those Who Have Some Cubed-steaks On-hand , and wish to serve a homemade batter, i've included just such a recipe (for four steaks) and recipe multiplies well!

  2. The Steaks I Did Today (for This Recipe) However , were purchased, "pre-breaded" at my local grocer, and "cook-off" well for nice "drippings" that will go into the peppered gravy!

  3. I Favor The "openess" of An Electric Skillet , when making a dish like this one, and use a non-stick, "14 x 20" model, (right on my countertop; great for when cook doesn't wish to heat up entire kitchen with stove, in summertime) as it gives me needed "space" for cooking up to eight, cubed steaks "at once" and will only leave me one pan for "clean up" afterwards!

  4. (skillet Also "immerses" , for easy cleaning!

  5. Ingredients , for the "cubed-steak batter":

  6. 1-cup Flour-plus Some Extra; Laid Out On Waxed Paper , for dusting steaks

  7. I Like The "sifting" Method The Company Utilizes , and i rarely have to re-sift for my cakes and breads--as "called-for" in many recipes.

  8. 1-egg

  9. cook's Desired Spices (i Use Distributions of

  10. Ground & Cracked , black pepper, a dash of salt

  11. & Garlic Powder)

  12. Ingredients , for the "white-peppered gravy":

  13. Yeilds Gravy , for eight steaks!

  14. 4-tblsp. Cook's Choice of Cooking Oil , this oil will "begin" your frying for the steaks and "become" cook's gravy "drippings."

  15. I Use a Vegetable or Canola Oil When Cooking This Recipe.)

  16. 5-tblsp. All-purpose Flour

  17. 2 & 1/2-cups Milk , i like to use "evaporated milk for the "

  18. 1/2" portion of the milk ingredients.

  19. Cook's Note:

  20. Additional Milk May Be Necessary "while Stirring" Gravy.

  21. s & P , to cook's taste--optional

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  2. ~~COMBINE (above-listed) "dry" Ingredients and STIR IN the Egg.

  3. ~~Dredge each Steak through the Egg/Flour Mixture.

  4. ~~Pat each Cubed Steak (on BOTH SIDES) with some extra Flour, and allow them to sit a few minutes until Flour becomes somewhat "tacky" on the Meat (I wait until the Flour becomes somewhat "slick" on the Steaks, THEN I place them into the "HOT" Oil.)

  5. TO BEGIN~~In Electric Skillet (on 350-degree temp setting) ADD IN (4 to 5) Tblsp. Vegetable/or Cook's preferrence of Cooking Oil and allow to become HOT.

  6. ~~Fry up the Cubed-Steaks ("turning" ONCE during cook time) until DONE. The Steaks can be cooked with an "open" OR "closed-lid" Skillet. I do mine with an "open" Skillet, for extra "crispiness."

  7. ~~Set "cooked" Cubed-Steaks "off-to-the-side" of Skillet (or remove and place on a paper plate, or paper towel, and make Gravy from drippings.)


  9. COOK'S NOTE: The "drippings" are going to move off, and around the "side wells" of the Electric Skillet; to be used for making the Gravy.

  10. ~~TURN HEAT DOWN (in Electric Skillet) to about 250-degrees, and STIR IN the Flour (I use a fork to smooth out any "lumps") MIX WELL into the hot Oil.

  11. ~~Slowly, WHISK IN the (entire) Milk Ingredient(s) and continue to STIR WELL.

  12. COOK'S NOTE: Cook's, it's BEST to go on and pour in ALL of the Milk (AT ONCE) or you'll be re-stirring the "lumps" EACH TIME you add in more of the Milk! STIR WELL (until "smooth.")

  13. ~~Return cooked Steaks BACK TO SKILLET, with Gravy and ENJOY!

  14. ENJOY! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

  15. SIDE BITE: I enjoy a GARNISH of fresh Celery Greens and some Sliced Tomatoes! But some fresh, long, Green Onions are ALSO "tasty" with this Dish!


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