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  2. 250 gms. Peanuts

  3. 200 gms. Soft jaggery

  4. 2 tbsp. Water

  5. 1 tsp. Ghee


  7. Dry Roast peanuts till aroma exudes.

  8. Rub down in a thick cloth to remove papery skin.

  9. Blow out and clean skin.

  10. Coarsely crush peanuts or just keep them halved.

  11. Heat jaggery and water in a large, heavy pan.

  12. Allow to melt fully, and bubbles to start froming.

  13. Add peanuts, take off fire.

  14. Mix well with a strong spatula.

  15. Pour out on a clean greased worksurface, while still hot.

  16. Knead a little more, roll out quickly to 3/4 thickness.

  17. Mark out squares with a sharp knife, while warm.

  18. Break after cooling completely.

  19. Store in airtight container.


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