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  2. Title: Fesenjan - Iranian Duck with walnuts

  3. Categories: Poultry, Persian, Main dish

  4. Yield: 4 servings

  5. 1 Duck, quartered

  6. 2 Onions, sliced

  7. 10 oz Ground walnuts

  8. 2 1/2 c Water

  9. Salt

  10. Pepper

  11. 4 tb Pomegranate syrup

  12. 2 tb Sugar

  13. 2 tb Lemon juice

  14. Remove all the excess fat from the duck and brown the quarters lightly

  15. in a large casserole. Lift out the duck and fry the onions until bowned,

  16. then add the walnuts and 2 1/2 cups of water. Season with salt and pepper. Return the duck to the pan, adn bring the sauce to the boil.

  17. Simmer for about an hour until the duck is almost tender. Stir the

  18. pomegranate syrup and sugar into the lemon juice. Skim as much fat as

  19. possible from the casserole and then stir in the juice mixture. Simmer

  20. for another 30 minutes until the sauce is quite dark. If the sauce is too

  21. thick, add a little more water. Serve with rice. --


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