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  1. 1 lemon

  2. 1 small Parmesan cheese wedge

  3. 3 tablespoon(s) extra virgin olive oil

  4. 2 bunch(es) asparagus , trimmed

  5. 3/4 teaspoon(s) salt

  6. 1/2 teaspoon(s) coarsely ground black pepper

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  1. From lemon, grate 1 teaspoon peel. With vegetable peeler, remove enough shavings from wedge of Parmesan to equal 1 cup, loosely packed (about 2 ounces). Set aside. In nonstick 12-inch skillet, heat oil over medium heat until hot. Add asparagus, salt, and pepper, turning to coat asparagus. Cook, covered, 6 to 7 minutes or until asparagus is tender and lightly browned. Remove skillet from heat. Sprinkle with lemon peel. Transfer asparagus to warm platter; top with Parmesan shavings.


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