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  1. These vegetables go very nicely on a bed of your favorite rice. Together they make a light and healthy meal. Your vegetarian friends will appreciate this novel take on traditional shish kabob done with lamb. I recommend marinating the vegetables overnight using the Red Wine Marinade listed previously. To get the most flavor out of this recipe try marinating over night. However, mushrooms need not stay longer than 2 hours in the marinade.

  2. Method and Preparations

  3. 4 hours before cooking and best is overnight. Soak bamboo skewers for 15 minutes before starting.

  4. Vegetable Ingredients

  5. 3 cups mushrooms

  6. 2 cups cherry tomatoes

  7. 2 onions, cut into squares

  8. 2 peppers (any color like green ,yellow, red, etc)

  9. 1/2 pound of tofu cut into cubes.

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  1. Steps Prepare a wine marinade and put it in a large freezer bag.

  2. Cut the onion into quarters so it approximates the size of the mushroom and tomato. If they fall apart, you can keep them together on the skewers.

  3. Green peppers should be opened, pits and innards removed, and then washed. Cut into quarter pieces so they are not much larger than the other vegetables.

  4. Wash mushrooms, tomatoes and tofu.

  5. Place all the vegetables and tofu in the marinade and refrigerate for 2+ hours. You can place them in the bowl or in a large freezer bag. Make sure all the ingredients get coated. If you are going to use bamboo skewers, soak them in water for the two hours.

  6. Shake off excess marinade and then put vegetables on skewers or a hinged rack.

  7. Preheat grill with all four burners.

  8. Place vegetables carefully on skewers or in a hinged rack. If you use skewers, pierce the mushroom through cap so they won't fall apart. Place vegetables in alternating patterns of mushroom, tomato, onion, pepper and then repeat.

  9. Sear and rotate skewers every 2 minutes. Check for doneness. Tomatoes will cook first. Make sure onions have grill lines to indicate doneness


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