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  1. 8 large pacific oysters , e.g. coffin bay or barilla bay

  2. 2 medium-sized farmed abalone , removed from shell and cleaned

  3. 6g aromatic stock

  4. 300g snapper head and spine

  5. 25g carrot

  6. 67g white onion

  7. 33g leek (white only)

  8. 7g white wine

  9. 1 parsley stalk

  10. 900g mussels , scrubbed clean and without barnacles

  11. 650g fish stock

  12. 1 litre purified water

  13. 67 1/2g ginger

  14. 60g lemongrass

  15. 2 1/4g kaffir lime leaf

  16. 1g galangal

  17. 1kg whole slimy mackerel

  18. Olive oil to dress

  19. 500ml purified water

  20. 50ml mackerel stock

  21. 3g kuzu

  22. 20g buckwheat

  23. 250ml water

  24. 2g salt

  25. Olive oil

  26. Zest of half a lemon (no pith) cut into 3cm long fine strips

  27. 200ml water

  28. 50g sugar

  29. 125ml grapefruit juice

  30. 0.9g agar agar

  31. 4g ground wakame

  32. 32g finely sliced snowpea Mackerel gel to bind

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  1. For the oyster Shuck the oysters and remove them from their shells reserving their juice. Rinse the oysters in the reserved juice, taking care to ensure that there is no grit or shell present. Lay the oysters on paper towel to dry The oysters will be sealed at the time of service so it is important that they are free of any surface liquid. Leave them on the paper in an airtight container until needed


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