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  2. 2 cups cabbage -- shredded

  3. 1/2 cup butter or shortening

  4. 1 cup onions -- chopped

  5. 12 cups water

  6. 1/2 tablespoon dill -- chopped

  7. 1 cup frankfurters -- chopped

  8. salt and pepper

  9. croutons

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  1. Select the white leaves from the cabbage and shred them finer than for salad. Cover with water (which is NOT part of the 12 cups required for the recipe), boil for 5 minutes and drain. In a skillet, brown the butter. Add the onions and sauté until they are a light golden color, dot dark.

  2. Transfer them to a large pot the 12 cups of water; bring to a boil. Add the dill, frankfurters, and cabbage, and season to taste. Cook for about1 hr., or until the onions and cabbage are very soft. Serve hot with croutons. The soup will boil down to serve 6 to 8.


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