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  1. Honey Liqueur

  2. 2 c vodka or brandy

  3. 3/4 lb honey

  4. 3 tb orange rind, or 1/2 the

  5. peel of an orange

  6. 1 c water, warm but not boiling

  7. 1 clove

  8. 2 cinnamon sticks,

  9. 2 inches ea Peel the orange find in one long spiral if possible, particularly

  10. if you want an attractive presentation. Disolve the honey in the

  11. water and add to the vodka and spices in an attractive bottle with

  12. the orange peel.

  13. Let stand, well corked shaking every few days. I like the flavor well developed, and do not usually strain it at all, but check it

  14. after 2 or 3 weeks, and if you don't want too strong an orange

  15. spice flavor, strain the peel and spices out and rebottle.


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