• 1serving
  • 45minutes

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  1. 1 coat hanger

  2. Wire cutters

  3. Cloth tape (duct tape)

  4. Embroidery floss or thin all-purpose string, about 3 1/2 yards

  5. 2 pounds butterscotch or gold-foil wrapped hard candies

  6. String of small battery-powered lights

  7. Gold ribbon, if desired

  8. Gold pearl beads or charms, if desired

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  1. Snip coat hanger at base of hook, using wire cutters, leaving approximately 3 feet of wire. Shape wire into 8-inch circle, twisting ends of wire back around circle. Secure ends to circle with tape.

  2. Tie a 6-inch piece of floss to wire circle. Place ends of 3 candy wrappers on wire; tie knot in floss to secure candies to circle. Continue in this manner, arranging candy to the inside and outside of the circle.

  3. Weave string of lights in wreath to create a glowing golden halo of candy. Decorate wreath with gold ribbon and beads.


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