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  1. 4 500 g 2.1 liters

  2. 300 g Coconut milk syrup

  3. 500 ml 100 ml 4 tablespoons 6 tablespoons 1 tablespoon Split green beans, soaked overnight Water Sugar Shave ice Water Screwpine Sugar Coconut milk Tapioca flour, mixed with

  4. 125 ml water

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  1. : Drain green beans and boil in 2 liters water until soft. Alternatively, steam green beans until soft. Blend (process) green beans well with sugar and 100 ml water to mix well into a paste. Set aside to cool. Prepare coconut milk syrup. In a small pot, bring to the boil water and screwpine leaves for 10 minutes. Remove and discard screwpine leaves. Lower heat to a simmer then stir in sugar and coconut milk. Gradually add in tapioca flour mixture and stir until thick. Serve green bean paste in a glass topped with shaved ice and coconut milk syrup.


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