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  1. 100 g Peas

  2. 150 g Carrot julienne

  3. 8 Baby carrots

  4. 600 g Bug meat

  5. 100 g Green beans or snow peas

  6. 150 g Celery

  7. 20 Fresh green asparagus

  8. 300 g Potatoes

  9. 50 ml Tarragon vinegar

  10. 100 g Tomatoes (diced meat)

  11. 8 Baby spring onion

  12. 100 g Regency lettuce

  13. 50 g Butter

  14. 20 g Fresh tarragon

  15. 100 Leek (julienned)

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  1. Slice leeks, celery, carrots and cabbage. (Leave baby whole). Cook pomme anna (or you can grate the potatoes and fry). Saute bugs in frypan, deglaze with french dressing. Saute vegs in very hot frypan with olive oil. Display vegetables on bottom of plate and place bugs on top of vegetables. Pomme anna (or potatoes the way you like), then to be place on top of bug meat.

  2. Pour dressing around vegetables and bugs. (Either a French or butter sauce). Place sun dried tomatoes and garnish (dill, cherry tomato), on top of potato.

  3. Note: Green prawns or crayfish tails can be substituted for bugs.

  4. Fresh spinach can be substituted for lettuce. Recipe by Magnus Johansson. —–


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