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  1. 6 Eggs; separated, room temp

  2. 1/4 ts Cream of tartar

  3. 1 c Sugar

  4. 1/4 ts Salt

  5. 1 tb Fresh lemon juice

  6. 1 tb Lemon rind; grated

  7. 1 c Sifted cake flour Preheat oven to

  8. 325 degrees. In a large mixer bowl, beat the egg whites until foamy. Add the cream of tartar and continue to beat until stiff peaks form when the beater is raised; set aside. In another bowl, beat the egg yolks on high speed for 1 minute. Add the sugar, salt, lemon juice, and rind, and beat on high speed for 5 min. longer. By hand, fold the cake flour quickly into the egg yolks, about 15 strokes. Add about one-third of the whites to the egg-yolk mixture and, with a large rubber spatula, fold until incorporated. Gently fold in the remaining whites in

  9. 2 batches. Little patches of white will still be showing. Transfer to an ungreased 10-inch tube pan and bake for just

  10. 40 minutes. The top will be golden

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  1. brown. Remove cake to a rack to cool for 1 hour. Loosen the sides with a knife and separate the center of the pan from the sides. Then loosen the bottom of the cake from the pan with a knife and tip out onto a rack. Let the cake cool completely before serving or storing. Source: Heartland Cookbook --


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