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  1. 400 g 6pcs, lightly beaten

  2. 3 pcs

  3. 1 pc

  4. 1/2 Cup 1 tbsp Cheese

  5. 3 slices 3 tbsp Corn starch

  6. 1 tsp Pepper to taste

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  1. Cut each piece of pork chop horizontally with 1 cm seam left to form a pocket. Mix with marinade. Stuff pork chop with either halved pineapple or cheese. Mix flour with Italian herbs. Brush pork chop with beaten egg and then coat with flour. Pan-fry or deep-fry in hot oil until golden yellow and done. Remarks: 3 rings of canned pineapple can be replaced by 3 slices of cheddar cheese [about 70 g] [halved to form about 4 cm x 8 cm rectangles].


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