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  1. 2 lb Grounded beef

  2. 4 ea Poblanos

  3. 1/2 c Nuts

  4. 1 c Old bread with milk*

  5. 4 ea Hard boiled eggs

  6. 1 ts Black pepper

  7. Salt 1 ea Egg

  8. 1 ts Grounded oregano

  9. 1 ts Grounded bay leaves

  10. 1 ts Paprika

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  1. *Bread: put a piece of bread in a dish with some milk, the milk the bread can take in one hour is enough, ground the bread in a blender adding the amount of milk it needed for to mix. Poblanos: peel and deveined the poblanos as usual, fry it in a little amount of vegetable oil. Hard boiled eggs: cut the eggs in a cube pieces. Meat: Mix the bread with the meat, spices, 1 egg and salt. Divide in two parts, put in a mold one part, then put the slices of poblano, the nuts and hard eggs, cover with the other part of the meat. Cook in the oven.


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