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  1. Preparation : DESSERTS Fear not! You needn't go dessert-less while you diet, as long as your choices are wise ones. Some sweet-ending options: 1/2 cup low-fat frozen yogurt 1/2 cup fruit sorbet Plain frozen-yogurt pop Frozen fruit bar or pop 1/2 cup fruit-flavored gelatin Baked apple topped with 1 tablespoon low-fat vanilla yogurt 2 gingersnaps, vanilla wafers or graham crackers 1 slice (1-inch) angel food cake topped with 1/2 cup sliced fresh strawberries 1/2 cup applesauce 1 piece fresh fruit 4 Hershey's Kisses 2 miniature candy bars Orange Pound Cake-click here for recipe Chocolate Angel Food Cake-click here for re


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