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  1. 5 oz Steak (read below) Water to moisten

  2. 2 1/2oz Desired cheese (read below)

  3. 9 1/2-inch hoagie roll Fried onions Additional Toppings: Mushrooms, raw onions, Sweet red & green peppers, Pizza sauce, lettuce, Tomato

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  1. + Directions : At Olivieri Prince of Steaks in Philadelphia, chef/owner Rick Olivieri (third generation) tells us about the original. "It all started in 1932 with my grandfather Pat. He owned a small hot-dog stand but got tired of eating hot dogs every day, so he sent his brother around the corner for sliced steak. He prepared it, slapped it into a hot-dog bun and was just about to eat it when a cabbie pulled up and said, 'Hey, that looks good. ' The rest, as they say, is history, part of which included the addition of cheese in the late 1940's, when they were looking to try something new. " To make one cheese-steak sandwich, take the steak (Olivieri's recommended cut: the eye of the chuck) and slice it very thin. Panfry in large skillet with no grease or oil, just enough water to moisten. Right before it's done, top with desired cheese (American, provolone, mozzarella or Cheez Whiz) until melted. Put meat and cheese on the hoagie roll, then top with fried onions. Add additional toppings if desired. *Article from Woman's Day magazine* From: Michelle Bruce Date: 01-31-95 U/L to NCE by Burt Ford 11/95.


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