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  1. 10 caramels, unwrapped

  2. 1 tablespoon fat-free milk

  3. 4 Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Shoppe Vanilla Milkshake toaster pastries

  4. 1/2 cup miniature marshmallows

  5. 3 tablespoons candy-coated chocolate pieces

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  1. In small microwave-safe bowl combine caramels and milk. Microwave at high for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes or until mixture is smooth, stirring every 30 seconds.

  2. Place KELLOGG'S POP TARTS VANILLA MILKSHAKE toaster pastries on baking sheet lined with foil. Sprinkle marshmallows on toaster pastries. Bake at 350F about 7 minutes or until marshmallows are puffed and lightly browned.

  3. Drizzle caramel mixture over toaster pastries. Sprinkle with chocolate pieces. Carefully transfer to wire rack. Cool at least 20 minutes. Cut each toaster pastry into halves.


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