• 6servings
  • 10minutes

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NutrientsProteins, Lipids, Carbohydrates
MineralsMagnesium, Phosphorus, Cobalt

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  1. 8 x 125 g skinless boneless chicken thighs , each cut into 4 pieces

  2. 3 red peppers , seeds removed, cut into 8 baby leeks , or spring onions, sliced into 2cm pieces

  3. 150 ml teriyaki sauce

  4. 1 tbsp honey

  5. 100 ml soy sauce

  6. 4 tbsp sake

  7. 3 tbsp mirin

  8. 2 tbsp honey

  9. 4 tbsp olive oil

  10. 5 cm piece ginger , finely grated

  11. 3 limes , finely grated zest only

  12. 1 scotch bonnet chilli , pierced with the tip of a knife

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  1. For the chicken: place the chicken, peppers and leeks in a shallow noncorrosive dish, season and set aside.

  2. For the marinade: mix all the ingredients together. Pour the marinade over the chicken and vegetables, cover with cling film and chill overnight or for at least a couple of hours.

  3. In a separate shallow dish, cover 8 wooden skewers with water and leave to soak for as long as the chicken marinates.

  4. When ready to cook, thread the chicken and vegetables (not the scotch bonnet chilli) onto the skewers and discard the marinade. Mix together the teriyaki sauce and honey and brush a little over the skewers.

  5. Light a barbecue or heat a griddle pan until smoking. Cook the skewers for 8-10 minutes, brushing every so often with the teriyaki sauce and turning regularly to ensure they brown evenly. Serve as canapé-style nibbles, or with noodles as a main meal.


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