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  1. To-prevent gummy noodles , rice , macaroni and spaghetti , add 2 tsp of cooking oil to the water before cooking. This makes the noodles glisten and stand apart.

  2. To help prevent milk from scorching in bottom of pan, when heating for pies or sauces, butter bottom of pan, use medium low heat.

  3. You should use a fork for blending flour and water , stirring gravies or sauces. It will prevent lumping.

  4. A dab of butter in the pan will keep potatoes from boiling over. To keep green vegetables from losing color, do not cover pan while cooking

  5. When cutting marshmallows or chopping dates , if you dip your scissors into water and cut when wet, they won't stick.

  6. 1/2 tsp of salt and 1 tsp lemon juice added to

  7. 1 box of dissolved jello will make a tastier dessert.

  8. When preparing jello, add jello to boiling water instead of boiling water to jello. Needs less stirring.

  9. When cutting a meringue pie, try greasing your knife with a little oleo or vegetable oil first. Your meringue won't tear. This is more successful than dipping the knife in hot water each time you cut a slice.

  10. To remove coffee stains, place stain over empty pan and pour boiling water over it and see it disappear.

  11. A little salt in the water will keep eggs from cracking when boiling.

  12. When making a white cake (from a mix) double amount of egg whites , use same amount of liquid and beat till foamy, then add mix and beat. This makes it lighter.

  13. Add a little vinegar to the water when an egg cracks during boiling. It will help seal the egg

  14. When using molasses or karo for a recipe first oil cup with cooking oil , and karo or molasses will come out easy without sticking to cup.

  15. When baking cookies use powdered sugar in place of flour when rolling out the dough. They will always be soft instead of having a tendency to get hard as they do with too much flour

  16. Add a pinch of baking powder when you are mashing potatoesIt will make them lighter and fluffier.

  17. To prevent fruit pies from boiling over, cut a drinking straw in pieces and insert a few upright through the top crust before baking.

  18. Before opening a can of creamed soup, shake well. It will be much easier to blend in the milk or water

  19. A little salt sprinkled in the frying pan will keep shortening from spattering.

  20. Instead of greasing a skillet for hamburgers , sprinkle the bottom lightly with salt and the hamburgers will fry in their own juices

  21. A grated raw potato added to each pound of hamburger makes for juicier hamburgers.

  22. To make a smoother gravy, mix half cornstarch and half flour with some waterNo more lumps!

  23. Try adding a few drops of yellow cake coloring to heated shortening when browning chicken for a golden crust.

  24. A pinch of salt added to very sour fruits while cooking will greatly reduce the quantity of sugar needed to sweeten them.


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