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  1. 1. separate 2 eggs, put egg-yolk in mixing bowl and egg-white add 1/4 tea spoon salt (beated egg-white until stiff, leave for further use. 2. 70 gramm sugar

  2. 3. 400ml milk

  3. 4. 110 gramm flour (sieved flour)

  4. 5. 2 soup spoons Rum

  5. 6. some melted butter or salad oil

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  1. Directions 1. beated egg-yolk add sugar (divide 3 times to put in ) beated untill flufty, and pour in milk and flour stir well, then sieve batter.

  2. add Rum and stiffed egg-white stir well.

  3. more than middle heat pan to put a little melted butter or salad oil in (use paper) , pour in one portion batter and quickly move the pan, when one side is crispy turn the pancake around my suggestion : you can use ice cream,marmalade, sugar powder, syrup, peanut butter or anything you like


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