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  1. 60´s. On Momma´s side, (dating back from the 60´s through the latter 90´s) most everyone lived in California, so ¨get-togethers¨ were sometimes, few. Every couple of years, (before Momma´s two siblings passed on) we´d go out West, or our Western kin would all come to my folks´ home, here in Bama. Of course, when it came time to head back home, the sadness sunk in deep. So, wakin´ up on the mornin´ that relatives were to leave--the California kin were simply... gone -- as ¨goodbyes¨ were NEVER said betwixed Momma and her sibs, Francis and Aubrey. Instead, we´d share a wonderful, and loving, departing eve; pretending (in our hearts) that we´d all simply meet up again at breakfast. How I never looked forward to seein´ Momma´s face that followin´ morn, as the temporary visits quickly brought on precious ¨memories,¨ that brought BEHIND them, hidden tears and sorrowful sighs upon my sweet Mother...we missed them all so very much... Of the nine children of Ura and Ethel, (Daddy´s parents) four are with us still, here in

  2. 2010 -- with Uncle Raymon´s,

  3. 90th birthday havin´ been celebrated this May at Gardendale´s, Moncrief Park. And so, as it is...and AS IT WILL BE, (¨traditionally¨) in our parents´ footsteps, the NEXT generation, bein´ my own, encompassing

  4. 83 grands and great grands and great-greats, the ¨K-Family¨ ´cousins´ will continue the bonding (and BINDING) of this, Old England Clan. ºº¨HUGS & GRINS¨ Still, the "hugs" amongst us who carry on -- even WITHOUT those who are ¨why¨ the reunions exist -- CONTINUE in their abundance, while the ¨grins¨ continue to follow; REMINDING US ALL...¨what a WONDERFUL LIFE this is...¨ A TOAST: CHEERS! the ¨K´s,¨ and to the ¨D´s!¨

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  1. A REUNION-SIZED BATCH OF "POTATO SALAD": (Cook's choice to ADD TO, or OMIT any of the following INGREDIENTS): ~15-Large, Russet Potatoes (Scrubbed, chopped/peelings intact, boiled and drained) ~20-New, Red Potatoes (Scrubbed, know the routine...) ~1 Cup-Long, Green Onion (Chopped fine) ~1 Cup-Red Onion (Chopped fine) ~1 Cup-Carrots (Grated) ~1 Cup-Tri-colored, Bell Pepper (Chopped slightly heavier than fine) ~1 Cup-Celery (Chopped fine) ~8-Hard-boiled Eggs (Chopped as in Egg Salad) ~1/4 Cup-Garlic (Minced) ~2 Cups-Cheddar Cheese (Shredded) ~1 Cup-Bacon Bits ~1/2 Cup-Dill Relish ~1/2 Cup-Sweet Relish) 1/4 Cup-Pimientos ~1/2 Cup-Fresh Dill (Chopped) ~1/4 Cup-Red Pepper Flakes (for ¨kick¨--´s a ¨gender¨ thing) ~1/2 Cup-Lemon Juice and Zest) ~2 & 1/2 Cups-Mayonaise, & 1 Cup-Sour Cream ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ~~GET OUT YOUR KITCHEN VAT, COOKS'll need it! COOK'S NOTE: I use a large, heavy-duty, "throw away," aluminum, pan that can be discarded or recycled for toting this Recipe to or fro! ~~IN Cook's choice of large, pan (just go on and use your "throw away," aluminum pan, and wipe off edges before serving) place prepared potatoes into pan, and with a POTATO MASHER, "chunk-mash" potatoes. ~~With a large, serving spoon, STIR IN all, chopped, vegetable ingredients, garlic and herbs, and spices. ~~ADD IN the mayo and sour cream, then the eggs, lemon zest and liquid ingredients, STIRRING WELL UNTIL BLENDED, and... SERVE! ~*~*~*~*~


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